The Foggy Life: Living with no Thyroid

One of the many symptoms of hypothyroidism feeling foggy, also know as having brain fog. I recall meeting up with some friends within 6 months of my thyroid removal and attempting to keep up with the conversation. Oh the joys of adjusting from living with a thyroid to living without one! I would begin to talk during the conversations, but often would go silent mid-sentence while I attempted to think through what I had intended to say. My thoughts were actually escaping my memory as I was speaking! It was quite embarrassing and frustrating to say the least. Even now, over 18 months after losing my thyroid, my memory is scattered and I often say things incorrectly. The other day I was trying to say I didn't have pockets in my sweater, but instead I said, "I didn't have any 'plugins.'" Unfortunately this happens more then I would like to admit, but my husband and I usually just laugh trying to make the best of my new foggy state of mind.

via Daily Prompt: Foggy

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