My Depression: Before Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

My depression actually set in about nine months before the lump was found on my thyroid. This was my "pre-thyroidectomy depression." It was different than the depression I currently live with. It was frantic and included an immense amount of crying. I remember always using the same line; "I am just so tired". During this time I was also diagnosed with ADHD using TOVA testing. In looking back the ADHD diagnosis did have some merit. I was put on medication for both my new diagnoses with plenty of changes in dosages, but not a lot of success. Nine months in to the first of my diagnoses I went in for my yearly exam and that was when my doctor found the lump on my thyroid. Honestly I had no idea what this organ was (which I detail in my post "What the f**k is a thyroid!"). Next I had an ultrasound and then a biopsy. My husband and I were actually a little excited that we might have found a more specific answer to what had been wrong with me! Could this be the answer to my depression? The biopsy came back inconclusive, but because the lump was pressing on my esophagus, we elected to have the right side removed. They would check for cancer while in there, but they thought it was highly unlikely that it was the cancer. When I woke up from surgery I quickly realized it hd been cancer and that I had a total thyroidectomy. At this point Shaun and I were still hopeful we had an answer to my depression even though the doctor said that thyroid cancer wouldn't have caused the depression. To this day we still don't agree with that.

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